miami pond emergencies



miami pond emergencies
Pond Hurricane Tips

With hurricane Irma fast approaching we thought the following suggestions may help your pond weather the storm!

Stop all feeding 24 hours before expected landfall.  

Do not resume feeding until power is restored to pond. Feeding will increase ammonia to toxic levels.

Aeration is the biggest concern when power is lost.  Healthy fish can survive up to 2 weeks or more without food, but will be compromised when water oxygen levels are low.  Air pumps can be powered with a 12 volt car battery using a power inverter.  Both items can be purchased at your local auto parts store.  How long it will run depends on pump size.

Adding water with a jet is effective short term solution provided that you add water treatments to remove Chlorine, chloramines and ammonia.  DO NOT ADD WATER WITHOUT TREATMENT!

Shade the pond as much as possible.  The cooler the water, the more dissolved oxygen it will hold.  Leave at least 24” inches between shade cover and water surface for gas exchange.

POND ALCHEMY will be available for pond emergencies as soon as the storm passes.  We will have batteries and power inverters, but no air pumps available.

To prepare for future hurricanes or power outages, please consider POND ALCHEMY’S emergency pond back-up kit.

Pond Alchemy  305-910-7320

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